Modoc Match DOUBLES all food benefits!

Thanks to a generous grant from the Modoc-Siskiy0u Community Action Agency, the Hub is currently matching all food benefit dollars used to purchase fresh fruits and vegetables.  A $20 purchase will be matched by $20 in vouchers, doubling purchasing power and increasing food access for all.  If you (or a friend) use food benefits, please take advantage of this program today, and help us spread the word!

Local Food at The Niles!

The Hub is excited to partner with the Niles Roadhouse restaurant in Alturas.  Look for local products on their menu and their weekly specials board, and pickup your Hub order from their coffee shop Thursdays 10-7.

Hub Questions and Answers

What does a food hub do? Simply put, a food hub connects food producers and food consumers in order to maximize consumption of locally-produced food purchased at a fair price. It’s called a “hub” because of its central role in a food system like a hub’s central role in a wheel.

How would you go about making that connection between producers and consumers?  A food hub could connect producers and consumers by:

  • Making it easier to buy quality food from each producer, which can build market share
  • Identifying and breaking down barriers to using local food in and beyond the valley
  • Giving producers the information and access they need to increase or optimize their yield and sales.

What does a food hub look like? Every community has its own way of connecting the pieces of the food system. Depending on what was needed, a hub could be: